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Rabi Chairman's Kiribati-Banaba Tour Report - Banaba Rehabilitation Project


Arrive Tuesday 27th of April 2010

· At 1400hrs-taken to VIP lounge and got all of our baggage inspected

· Kava paper was missing, left kava at airport, got out four bags (2kg) for Sevusevu to Beretitenti of Kiribati

· Arrive at Otintai Hotel, hotel rooms fully booked

· Meet up with MP Banaba Timon and Peter Crowley, RCL’s Adviser to the rehabilitation project

· Use Peter’s room to change and left for Berentitenti’s Residence

· Greeted with Beretitenti’s entourage. Arrangement with PS of the fisheries, tourism, mineral resources for discussions next day

· Informal presentation of our intent and objective to the Beretitenti in regard to the rehabilitation project on Banaba

· Good reception from the Kiribati government and a sense of establishing a good working relationship was also forged, a major historical alliance created that evening.

· Left for the MP Timon’s house in Betio and rested for the day.

Wednesday 28th of April 2010

· Had a meeting with the entire governmental permanent secretaries and a dialogue to begin the rehabilitation project got underway.

· The goal of the meeting was threefold: 1, Establish relationship, 2. Find ways to collaborate and 3. Work within an agreeable framework that has win-win implications to RCL and Kiribati government.

· RCL can also use existing financial modality within the Kiribati framework to secure its funding assistance.

· The result of the meeting was twofold, 1. Get RCL to draft a letter of intent and 2, draft a project concept paper on rehabilitation and 3. Submit full consensus of the Banaban People on the rehabilitation project.

· Another milestone was reached, whereby a project document on establishing a cannery factory on Rabi by the Kiribati government seems very positive.

· In the evening a reception was held where the Minister of Fisheries and Mineral resources was present.

Thursday 29th of April, 2010

· Secure Meeting with government officials and embassies

· Inspect RCL proposed office space to be opened on Betio as main logistics and headquarters for RCL and MP Banaba as rehabilitation project begins to gather dusts.

· Peter booked at Lagoon Reef hotel since the location is closer to main administrative center

· Project paper discussion in regard to the project paper concept with Peter

· Return to MP Timon’s house to rest for the day

Friday 30th of April, 2010

· Public Holiday, spent meeting with Banabans on Tarawa to get their consensus on rehabilitation

· MP Timon announces through Radio an urgent meeting scheduled for Saturday at 1.00pm with Banabans on Tarawa

· Chairman Paulo booked at Lagoon Reef, to discuss drafting of concept paper and request letter and an MOU

· Peter drafted the concept paper and Paulo went through the paper

· Minor inclusion and amendment made and final draft prepared

· Completion of Final Draft Concept paper by Peter

· Draft of an MOU and Letter of intent are still in draft form

Saturday 1st of May, 2010

· Discussion with MP Timon, along with Peter, Ken and Paulo at Lagoon Reef Hotel to disclose RCL plans to MP Timon

· Objective is to disclose all RCL plans to rehabilitate Banaba and to consolidate MP Timon’s post with RCL if the rehabilitation project is to be successful.

· MP Timon’s post is very important to the success of the rehabilitation project and RCL is eager to use this as a platform to greater economic and political ties with the Kiribati government

· The rest of the afternoon was the Meeting between with RCL and Banabans on Tarawa and the objective is ask for their referendum on the rehabilitation project

· In the end the meeting was successful, almost everyone agreed to the idea of the rehabilitation and a consensus was reached to back up the consensus on Rabi Island

· Another meeting was convened with the former PS for Berentitenti, Betarim invited the RCL rehabilitation team for a dinner also at him home.

· Discussion on opening up greater ties with the Kiribati private sector especially with exporting agricultural produce from Rabi to Tarawa seems a viable economic opportunity

Sunday the 2nd of May, 2010

· A quiet day for rest and reflection

· Discussion with Peter ongoing

Monday the 3rd of May, 2010

· Preparation of Banaban Trip

· Awaiting Minutes of the Meeting from Fisheries and Marine Resources

Tuesday the 4th of May, 2010

· Trip to Banaba

Wednesday fifth of May, 2010

· Enroute to Banaba on boat

· Discuss with Banaban people on board the boat in regard to the rehabilitation

Thursday the sixth of May, 2010

· Arrived on Ocean Island

· Meet with the RCL Management-Island Manager at 10.00am

· Meet with RCL workers to discuss issues on Ocean island at 12.00noon

· Meet with Banaban people at the Maneaba on Ocean Island

· Meet with Island Manager residence-handover of letter of resignation

· Meet with BIC members to discuss issues on land leases on Ocean island for airport and school

Friday the 7th –Monday 10th of May, 2010

· Return to Tarawa by boat

· Re-confirmed Ken’s return Air ticket to Australia by Wednesday

· Check Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources Department for minutes of meeting

· Invited to Naewantebure’s family house for dinner

Tuesday 11th of May, 2010

· Check Location of RCL and Banaban Limited Office at Betio

· Re-confirmed Councillor’s return Air ticket to Fiji by Thursday

· Printing of Banaban Concept paper to be given to Ministry of Fisheries and Marine Resources

· Invited to Dinner by the Minister for Labour

Wednesday 12th of May, 2010

· Ken departs for Australia

· Manate briefly meets with Seventh Day Adventist Churchs

· Bauro prints out letter and proposed concept paper for rehabilitation

Thursday 13th of May, 2010

· Chairman and Cr. Manate leaves for Fiji

Summary of trip outcome

The trip was a successful as many of the major pending issues in regard to rehabilitation project were achieved such as the following:

· Warm reception from the office of the Beretitenti was accorded to the rehabilitation tewiam

· Meeting with the relevant stakeholders in government was successful

· Minutes of the meeting was drafted but awaits review and assessment from relevant Permanent Secretaries

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