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Banaban Rehabilitation Campaign - Help Lobby the Australian Government

"When I'm asked, Where is Banaba? " I reply, "Scattered all over Australia!"
Banaban -Ken Sigrah.

This video interview with Abara Banaban representatives - Ken Sigrah and Stacey King calls on the Australian people and government to assist the Banabans in their efforts to Rehabilitate their homeland - Banaba, devastated by 80 years of phosphate mining at the hands of UK, Australian and New Zealand governments in a joint venture operation known as the British Phosphate Commission.

A total of 21 million tons of Banaban soil was removed with over 13 million tons of Banaban land scattered over Australian farmlands. Over the past century the Banabans have paid the ultimate price in assisting Australias prosperity as a farming nation. No other country has paid such a devastating price to build Australia as a nation resulting in the near total destruction of an indigenous people and their Island homeland.

Today the Banabans are calling on the Australian public to support their efforts to restore their ancestral homeland and help them in asking the Australian government to formally recognise the Banabans major contribution and historical relationship in making Australia the country it is today.

"If the Australians are willing to help us, we the Banabans are willing to help ourselves!"

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Interview recorded Gold Coast Australia 2006

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